Spend less time debugging and more time developing.

Full-stack Node.js web diagnostics

Glimpse is an experimental npm package that gives you in-depth insights about the client and server sides of your Node.js apps. More efficient debugging means faster development. Best of all, it’s free.

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My app

Built for Node.js

  • Information about both client and server-side requests.
  • Support for Express.js, including application middleware.
  • Insight on console statements, HTTP requests, and more.

Get started with Glimpse

1. Install Glimpse globally on your machine with no changes required to your project. (alternatively, leverage the new npx command, or launch programmatically)

npm install -g @glimpse/glimpse

2. Use the glimpse command in place of the standard node command.

glimpse server/index.js

3. Open your app in a browser. The Glimpse HUD should now be at the bottom right of your app.

1. Use the new npx command to launch the glimpse command in place of the standard node command. (alternatively, leverage the global command, or launch programmatically)

npx @glimpse/glimpse server/index.js

2. Open your app in a browser. The Glimpse HUD should now be at the bottom right of your app.

1. In your app`s root directory, use npm to install Glimpse. (alternatively, leverage the new npx command, or the global command)

npm install @glimpse/glimpse --save-dev

2. Initialize Glimpse before any other require() or application logic (typically at the top of index.js or app.js).

if (process.env.NODE_ENV !== 'production') {

3. Open your app in a browser. The Glimpse HUD should now be at the bottom right of your app.

My app
That`s it! No signups, accounts, attaching, or tokens, just Glimpse.
Check out the detailed steps and more ways to get started.

How does Glimpse help?

Glimpse inspects web requests as they happen, providing insights and tooling that reduce debugging time and help developers focus on building their web apps.

Glimpse is a new web debugging tool.

It`s got both client and server-side insights.

It`s custom-built for node.js apps.

It`s free. It`s fast. It`s real-time.

Spend less time debugging

and more time developing.

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Get instant diagnostics
The HUD puts the most essential feedback in the lower corner of your web app. Don`t bother hunting for the numbers you need; they`re right there.
  • Most recent load time at a glance
  • One-click access to extended diagnostics for the current request
Find your bottlenecks
The Timeline tab displays the performance of a request in a simple, visual representation. Get faster, faster.
  • Timing breakdowns for all Express.js middleware and web service calls
  • Potential bottlenecks identified automatically
  • Zoom capability for specific time ranges
Understand complicated requests
The Request tab breaks down the flow of execution though your app`s code. Never suffer from "middle-where?" again.
  • Traces for executed Express.js middleware, including the effects on each response
  • Full details of HTTP requests and responses
Interpret your logs faster
Consuming log messages is a dream with the Log tab, proving you can teach old logs new tricks.
  • Integrated view of client and server-side logs
  • Log messages automatically grouped per request
Track down dependencies

The Web services tab automatically collects all HTTP traffic, so you know exactly what you’re sending and receiving. You’ll never need to fiddle around with your traffic data again.

  • Spot errors and performance issues from your upstream dependencies
  • Monitor XmlHttpRequest and Fetch requests made in the browser
  • View server-side HTTP calls made from Node
Dear developers,

Glimpse is a small team at Microsoft with big ambition: bringing web diagnostics to the next level. Our main goal is to help you spend less time debugging and more time building products you’re proud of. Glimpse can diagnose both the client and server side of your web apps, seamlessly. It’s got the server-side information you won’t find in any other diagnostic tools.

Glimpse is free and your support means everything. We’re excited for you to try it. If you find any issues, let us know on our GitHub repo.

Happy debugging,
The Glimpse team

License and privacy terms
By downloading and using Glimpse, you agree to the license terms and privacy statement. Glimpse collects telemetry data and crash dumps to help the product. If you would prefer not to have this data collection, see how to disable telemetry.