Setting up Glimpse

Getting up and running with Project Glimpse: Node Edition is quick and easy. Follow the guide to install Glimpse in your Node.js application.


Glimpse Node.js agent and server

The Node.js agent and server modules are what instrument and provide diagnostics data to the Glimpse client.

They support Node.js versions 4.0 through 7.10.

The agent also instruments the following packages.


Glimpse browser agent

The Glimpse browser agent supports most modern browsers such as Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Apple Safari. Not all browsers offer the same level of instrumentation. Older browsers should be usable with Glimpse but may provide limited or no instrumentation (e.g. IE8 or IE9).

Glimpse client

The Glimpse client supports most modern browsers such as Microsoft Edge, Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

Common questions

My application doesn’t use Express; can I still use Glimpse?

While Glimpse does specifically instrument packages like express, it also instruments the underlying Node.js runtime. This means that Glimpse can offer insight into your application even when not using express. For example, you will not see information specifically about Express middleware execution in the Glimpse client, but you will still see basic request and response, logging, and service request data.

My application is a web service without a front-end; can I still use Glimpse?

Glimpse instruments all incoming requests to the Node.js application and can provide insight regardless of the type of application. If a request happens to respond with HTML, then the Glimpse browser agent and HUD will be injected into that response and provide additional client-side data within the Glimpse client.

While HTML responses will include HUD which links to the Glimpse client, you can always navigate to it manually at <you-site-url>/glimpse/client.

Is Glimpse cross-platform?

Glimpse has no direct dependencies on any platform apart from Node.js; it is tested on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Is the Glimpse client cross-browser?

The Glimpse client is tested on the desktop versions Chrome, Edge, FireFox and Safari - both the current and previous versions.

Can I use Glimpse with TypeScript, CoffeeScript, Babel, etc.?

Glimpse instruments your application at runtime, so it doesn’t matter what language is used to create your Node.js app. Note that certain transpilers may impact how Glimpse is initialized.

Can I use Glimpse in production?

Use of Glimpse in production is not recommended nor supported. While Glimpse tries to minimize its impact on your application, it is considered a development-time tool and, as such, it will have some performance and security impacts - Glimpse also exposes logged request data via unrestricted application endpoints–data which may be considered sensitive in nature.