v0.20.9 Update

Thanks to everyone who has provided feedback for Glimpse so far! We have another feature release in the works but wanted to get release v0.20.9 out to address some immediate gaps that were reported by users. These include:

  • Fixed issues reported when running Glimpse with Hapi (See issue #95)
  • Added basic typescript definitions to the @glimpse/glimpse package (See issue #96)
  • Fixed issues reported when running Glimpse with bluebird promises’ filtered catch statements (See issue #97)
  • Relaxed error reporting when Glimpse is unable to parse a stack frame. Now Glimpse will only report the error once per unparseable frame, which should limit the amount of error output, and allow Glimpse to be usable. (See issue #99)

Special thanks to the folks who reported issues above:

Thanks for your support & keep the feedback coming!

@mike-kaufman & the Project Glimpse Team