v0.21.5 Update

Version 0.21.5 is our monthly release for June 2017. We’ve added a few new features and we’ve fixed a number of user-reported issues. As always, we greatly appreciate you’re feedback, so please let us know what you like, don’t like and would like to see in “Project Glimpse Node Edition”.


  • A request filtering UI, allowing filtering of requests based on HTTP method, status code and document type.
Basic filtering functionality

Basic filtering functionality

  • Support for the debug library, so all log statements written through debug will appear on Glimpse’s log tab.
  • Better naming for anonymous middleware in serve-index, serve-static and serve-favicon.
  • Notification “toasts” in the Glimpse Client & the Glimpse HUD when a new version of Glimpse is available.
  • Support for the Glimpse HUD in static HTML responses.
  • Removed the “request overview” panel, and replaced it with a small request status bar at the top of the request details.

Fixes for customer reported issues:

  • #98 where Glimpse would crash under certain circumstances when “asynchronous context” was lost.
  • #107 where Glimpse would cause an error if HTTP client requests called response.end() before request.end().
  • #108 where Glimpse would lose “asynchronous context” when running with redis.
  • #112 where Glimpse would interfere with applications running Loopback.
  • #113 where Glimpse would interfere when using Amazon’s AWS-SDK.


Again, thanks to everyone who submitted feedback or bugs, and a special shout out to those who reported the issues fixed above:

Thanks for your support & keep the feedback coming!

@mike-kaufman & the Project Glimpse Team