v0.22.11 Update

Today we’ve released Project Glimpse: Node Edition version 0.22.11, our largest release since our initial launch in May. This release addresses and incorporates the great feedback we’ve received on our Home repo and from various phone calls we’ve had with users.

If you’d like to provide your own feedback, feel free to open an issue our reach out to schedule a chat with the team.


Support for MongoDB & Redis

MongoDB Redis

Our new Data access tab automatically displays any I/O operations made to MongoDB and/or Redis. Each operation can be selected to see further details.

Project Glimpse: Node Edition Data access tab

Updates to HUD

The Heads Up Display (HUD) now includes quick information about the types of log statements written during the processing of the request, the number of data access and web service calls made, and provides the ability to directly select an AJAX call in the Glimpse client.

Minimized HUD

In addition, a details mode is now available that can be toggled for more information.

HUD Details

Open in VS Code

VS Code

References to source code locations are now hyperlinked so that they open in VS Code, taking you directly to the file and line in question.

Project Glimpse: Node Edition open in VS Code

Improved version compatibility

We’ve expanded the versions of Node and various npm packages what we support. Highlights include:

  • Support for Node version 8. (Support for async/await still forthcoming)
  • additionally, we support the following npm packages:
PackageVersions Supported
body-parser1.13 through 1.17.x inclusive
cookie-parser1.3 through 1.4.x inclusive
debug2.0 through 2.7
mongodb2.0.14 through 2.2.x inclusive
morgan1.6 through 1.8.x inclusive
serve-favicon2.3 through 2.4.x inclusive
serve-index1.x versions, 1.8.x and higher
serve-static1.3.x through 1.12.x inclusive

Bug fixes:

  • #115 where Glimpse would cause errors with AsyncTrack on Node version 8.
  • #116 where Glimpse wasn’t supporting version 2.3.3 of debug.
  • And various other fixes.


Thanks to everyone who submitted feedback or bugs, and a special shout out to those who reported the issues fixed above:

Thanks for your support & keep the feedback coming!

@nikmd23 & the Project Glimpse Team